Marie and Graham began their partnership in early 2010 when they realized that their mutual interest in
art -- coupled with their quirky senses of humor -- would lend themselves well to a career in either train
graffiti or T-shirt design. They decided to go with the latter.

Marie has fancied herself a freelance artist for over 20 years, with a Bachelor's degree in fine art and
writing. She has illustrated books, written a musical, painted portraits, sketched a gazillion still lifes,
designed promotional materials, and essentially doodled her way through school. Her work history
includes running an offset press, painting murals on a gymnasium wall, and retouching statues.

Graham spent over two decades in the print trade as a traditional cut-and-paste graphic designer,
darkroom operator, and occasional offset press operator. He has designed miniature aircraft and boats,
written a monthly magazine column, a book, and many freelance articles. He recently returned to
traditional art in which he is self taught; to dabble in the British landscapes he loves, and to study
figure drawing.

While Marie was raised in the U.S., Graham grew up in the U.K., so youíll notice that he spells things
with extra Uís. This cannot be helped. Youíll eventually see the humour. (See?). Together, they plan to
clothe the world in fun and artsy T-shirts. We hope you find something happy here.


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